Learn more about the importance of research funding

It is in everybody's best interest, as members of a continually upgrading globalised society, that the scientific sector has the sources to continue its research studies in order to develop and advance.

There are so many sectors of science that, to this day, hold many secrets to be uncovered: let's just think of the final frontier of space, and the unbelievable findings that its exploration might provide to our knowledge and comprehension of the universe. As some consider how does getting funding from the government affect scientific research, numerous organisations in the financial sector, such as Morgan Stanley and Softbank, are supporting this emerging path of research in which they see an unbelievable potential for the future development of what we know.

Maybe one of the most important sectors of science that all of us agree should be continuously financed in a reliable manner is that of healthcare, as every member of society must be able to be looked after in times of requirement. This is why there are lots of foundations funding medical research, in many of its elements, from the laboratory experiments on brand-new treatments to those who choose to assist the care of terminally ill individuals, like La Caixa and BEA. The importance of the consistent existence of medical research funding sources is something that must always be considered, evaluating how it really benefits the quality of everybody's life.

A lot of elements of our every day lives are the outcome of successful technical advancement, despite the fact that we might not recognise them. If you have wondered, "how important is the level of science funding to society?", as you feel it is probably something rather removed from your experiences, consider this: something as easy as the smart phone you have in your pocket right this moment is the outcome of decades of innovation. While communication has upgraded to an incredible level just in the past decade, think of how our lives might develop as present research develops yet another generation of even faster connections!

In some cases, when it comes to sectors whose advancement is beneficial to our life, it helps to look not only at the present, but also at the future. Considering the future of our world, for instance in terms of sustainability, is one of the main motives behind the private funding for scientific research: the likes of Santander or CCB have shown interest in projects connected to renewable resources and sustainable development, and they are only some of the private companies funding scientific research. A future in which the world's ecosystem can prosper will absolutely be convenient for the success of companies in all fields, and an excellent lifestyle for all of us who live on the Earth.

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